You can open any magazine article or website on hair and see models with luxurious, shining locks. The hair looks completely healthy, free of split ends, and beautiful. It is always long, clean, and perfectly styled. Is it a trick of the camera, image enhancement, or some closely-guarded trade secret among models? The truth is, a lot of the beautiful hair you see in advertisements simply isn’t real. When it is, it is often treated with chemicals and other agent to make it look good in a photo shoot but are often harmful in the long-term. People want hair like that, but is it possible?

With great hair weaves, such looks can, in fact, become a reality. It can be your reality. Even if you have damaged or recovering hair, hair that is too short, or a disorder of the skin or scalp, a weave provides a great alternative for either a temporary or a long-term style. However, even when made from real, human hair, a weave requires treatment and upkeep that differs slightly from your own hair’s needs. The list below includes options in terms of weave style as well as tips for keeping your weave looking its best.

Weaves are available in a variety of styles. These include the brazilian weave, curly weaves, and other styles like frizzy, curly, kinky curly, wavy, straight, and bouffant. These styles are the natural consistency of the original owner’s hair and are not altered when hte weave is constructed. This means, whatever look you choose, it will look natural because the hair actually grew that way.

Weaves do not necessary have to be long. After they are sewn in, they can be cut, colored, permed, blow dried, curled, and otherwise styled by you or a hair professional. Your hairdresser will be the best resource for styling your weave in a way that does not damage it and lets it last.

Most weaves come from exotic locations including Brazil, southeast Asia, Africa, and India. Hair is carefully selected for its uniform color (which is usually dark brown or black), strength, consistency, and length. The best weaves include what is called “virgin hair,” which has never been cut, blow dried, or chemically treated.


To maintain your weave, a few simple methods and precautions are required. The first and most important is to select your weave carefully. Be sure of its quality and place of origin.

You should comb and detangle woven hair from the bottom up. This prevents you from pulling out the extensions or damaging your own hair, which is the base of your weave.

Wash your weave thoroughly, from both above and underneath. Dry thoroughly. This not only helps keep it beautiful. It also helps you avoid itching and scratching that can hurt both your weave and weave hairstyles your own hair.


With the knowledge above, you can have an excellent weave that will be beautiful and have a long life. With a little extra care, a beautiful head is a sure thing.